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Final Impact Assessment: Lesson #1

The Beldon Fund:
Final Impact Assessment

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Don’t equate continuation with success.

Embedded in the spend-out philosophy is the idea that today’s philanthropists should focus on today’s problems, mustering all of the resources at their disposal. Foundations lay the groundwork for long-term change and set up a trajectory of work that they hope will continue after they depart. Yet strategies are not static and the landscape of work is continually evolving. Beldon left a rich legacy, as evidenced by the many investments that are still bearing fruit. But many expressed dismay that more funders had not rallied to support the work on chemicals policy reform. Some pointed to this as a failure, despite Beldon’s best efforts. While it is certainly true that some of Beldon’s former grantees are struggling for funds, the overall field of environmental philanthropy has grown and expanded in ways that could not have been predicted or planned. Like much of Beldon’s legacy, the work continues but in different forms.