Beldon Fund

Final Impact Assessment: Lesson #2

The Beldon Fund:
Final Impact Assessment

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Spending out can mean that more than just money is leaving the field; your voice and leadership can also be lost.

Beldon was seen by many as more than a funder; Beldon was also a partner, a mentor, and an advocate. When Beldon left the field, many anticipated the loss of its funding and mourned the loss of its leadership. Today, it is clear that the loss of such an influential voice may be even harder to replace, creating a leadership gap in the field. Beldon served as a strong advocate for its theory and approach, including its emphasis on collaboration, infrastructure, grassroots organizing, and capacity funding. Although other funders are certainly displaying leadership in this area, there is a sense that no one seems to own the space like Beldon did. Former Beldon staff and the ‘Beldon family’ have helped to fill this gap, but many former colleagues and grantees wondered if there might have been others ways for Beldon to continue to make its voice and ideas heard, even after it spent out.